Trial version displays a small Circles logo in the visualization area. Otherwise, it's fully functional.

(If you don't mind the logo, feel free to use the trial version for as long as you like. Also for commercial projects.) Download trial
Circles with branding logo
  1. Download

    The latest trial package is available at:​circles​/demo/package

    Existing customers: The package available from this page contains Circles with locked branding options. If you hold a Circles license, download the latest unlimited version from:

  2. Unpack and run

    After the download completes:

    1. Unpack the archive.

    2. Open index.html in your browser.

    3. Some examples require that the demo is accessed through the HTTP protocol. If you have Java installed, you can start up a local HTTP daemon by running:

      bin/ -p 8080 (Linux)
      bin\nhttpd.bat -p 8080 (Windows)

      Then, open http://localhost:8080 in your browser.

  3. Questions?

    If you have any questions or problems with Circles, please do get in touch.

    Some pointers you might find useful:

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Questions & Answers

Do I need a trial license to evaluate Circles?

No. The trial version is perpetual and does not require a license file to run. Instead, it displays a small Circles logo in the visualization area.

Can I use the demo version in a commercial project?

Yes, feel free to use the demo version in your project free of charge. The only requirement is that you must not remove or obscure the Circles logo the demo version displays.

Can I put my own logo on the visualization?

The licensed version allows changing or completely removing the logo. The demo version always displays Circles logo and does not allow to remove it.