FoamTree: interactive Voronoi treemap

FoamTree is a JavaScript tree map visualization with innovative layout algorithms and animations. It aids understanding of hierarchical data, such as groups of documents, network domains or site maps.

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Non-rectangular layouts

Non-rectangular tree map layout produced by Carrot Search FoamTree

Visually pleasing non-rectangular layouts efficiently use the available space.

Zooming and exposing

Animated zooming and expose interaction

Animated zooming and expose interaction for browsing of deeply nested hierarchies.

Supports very large hierarchies

Fragment of the tree of life data set in FoamTree.

Visualizes hierarchies with 100k+ nodes on 100+ levels, such as the tree of life data.


Custom content in FoamTree cells

Custom content in each cell, including additional text, shapes or images.

Rectangular treemaps

Rectangular treemaps in Carrot Search FoamTree

Traditional rectangular treemaps are also supported.

Animated transitions

Carrot Search FoamTree animated transitions

With the multitude of animation parameters, you can create tens of rollout and pullback effects.


Multilingual content in Carrot Search FoamTree

Supports a wide range of languages, including Arabic, Chinese Simplified and Traditional, Japanese and Korean.

Extensive tuning

Carrot Search FoamTree visual settings panel

Tune visual and non-visual properties using a simple settings panel and export them to your JavaScript code

JavaScript and JSON API

Carrot Search FoamTree Programmer's Reference

Integrate FoamTree within minutes using a small JavaScript library, 41kB gzipped.

HTML5 visualization

FoamTree is a HTML5 visualization, it works on any device supporting HTML5 canvas, including tables and mobile phones.

FoamTree works on any device supporting HTML5 canvas, including tables and smart phones.

Easy to integrate, many tuning options, very fast and lightweight.

Stephan Schmid, CEO at Comcepta, Switzerland

Our evaluation found overwhelming support for using Lingo3G.

Dr James Thomas, Associate Director, EPPI-Centre, Social Science Research Unit, Institute of Education, London

I’ve shown two board members of our client company what our FoamTree-powered app does. Amazing what a good visualization can accomplish :-)

René de Vries, Managing Director at HowardsHome