Carrot Search: Lingo4G: Editions

Small Server Medium Server Large Server Unlimited Server OEM
Maximum total size of indexed documents* The limit applies to the text declared to be clustered by Lingo4G. Text stored in the index only for literal retrieval is not counted towards the limit. 1 GB 5 GB 25 GB unlimited** unlimited**
Maximum total number of indexed documents unlimited**
Maximum number of documents analyzed in one request* 10k 50k 250k unlimited** unlimited**
Deployment On or more of your servers Available Available Available Available
Embedded and sold
as part of your software
Topic discovery Available Available Available Available Available
Document clustering Available Available Available Available Available
Command line interface Available Available Available Available Available
REST API Available Available Available Available Available
Lingo4G Explorer Available Available Available Available Available
FoamTree visualization Available*** Available*** Available*** Available*** Available***

Licensing periods

Server licenses are available with 1-year and perpetual licensing periods.

Licensing upgrades

Upgrades from 1-year to perpetual and from a lower to a higher licensing tier (e.g. from Medium to Large) are possible within the validity period of the original license.

Support and product updates

The perpetual server licenses come with 12 months of software maintenance (support and product updates). Beyond this initial 12 month period, at any time, you may renew your software maintenance for a further 12 months at 50% of the initial purchase price.

All licenses come with several hours of free consulting, usually spent on integration with your existing software and clustering quality tuning.

All licenses allow using Lingo4G internally for the evaluation, development, testing and tuning purposes.

Lingo3G license trade-in

Holders of perpetual Lingo3G licenses can "trade in" their Lingo3G license to receive a Lingo4G license. We will count the initial purchase price (but not the maintenance extension fees) paid for Lingo3G towards the price of the Lingo4G license you wish to switch to. Once you trade-in your Lingo3G license, you will not be allowed to use Lingo3G with that license any more. To cover the Lingo3G to Lingo4G transition period, we'll issue long-term Lingo4G evaluation licenses.


Please contact us for further licensing and pricing information.

(*) Limits are per-Lingo4G-instance. Server licenses do not limit the number of Lingo4G instances running on one server. Limits indicated in the table will be enforced for each Lingo4G instance separately.

(**) Limited only by CPU, memory and disk storage capacity.

(***) Lingo4G contains a limited FoamTree license allowing the use of FoamTree as part of the Lingo4G Explorer application. Using FoamTree as part of your own application requires a dedicated FoamTree license.

Easy to integrate, many tuning options, very fast and lightweight.

Stephan Schmid, CEO at Comcepta, Switzerland

Our evaluation found overwhelming support for using Lingo3G.

Dr James Thomas, Associate Director, EPPI-Centre, Social Science Research Unit, Institute of Education, London

I’ve shown two board members of our client company what our FoamTree-powered app does. Amazing what a good visualization can accomplish :-)

René de Vries, Managing Director at HowardsHome