Lingo4G: large-scale text clustering engine

Lingo4G is a software component that identifies clearly-labelled topics among millions of documents and gigabytes of text. In near-real-time, fully automatically and without external knowledge bases.

Overview video Lingo4G large-scale clustering engine overview video


Lingo4G can help users of your applications analyze large collections of text.

  • Identification of meaningful topics. Lingo4G can give a birds-eye view of hundreds of thousands of documents by extracting the topics discussed in them.
  • Discovery of document clusters. Lingo4G can help to, for example, assign documents to domain experts for review by organizing sets of documents into non-overlapping clusters.
  • Fast access to relevant content. Topics or document clusters view will help the users to navigate directly to the documents of interest and skip the irrelevant ones.

Next steps


  • Topic discovery. Lingo4G can extract and meaningfully describe the topics discussed in a set of documents. Related topics can be organized into themes.
  • Document clustering. Lingo4G can organize the requested subset of documents in your collection into non-overlapping groups.
  • Document retrieval. Lingo4G can retrieve the specific documents matching the requested topic, theme or a document cluster.
  • No external taxonomies or knowledge bases needed, Lingo4G processes documents based only on their textual content.
  • Near-real-time processing. Once Lingo4G indexes your collection, it can extract topics, themes and document clusters within seconds.
  • Scalability. Lingo4G extracts topics in a matter of seconds regardless of whether you're processing a hundred, a hundred of thousands of documents or the whole indexed collection.
  • Automatic stop word extraction identifies domain-specific meaningless words and phrases.
  • Easy integration. Lingo4G can be called through a JSON REST API.
  • Tuning of clustering characteristics and performance in a dedicated browser application called Lingo4G Explorer.
  • Implemented in Java with no platform-specific dependencies. Lingo4G works on any platform supporting Java 1.8 or higher, including Windows, Linux and Mac.


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Easy to integrate, many tuning options, very fast and lightweight.

Stephan Schmid, CEO at Comcepta, Switzerland

Our evaluation found overwhelming support for using Lingo3G.

Dr James Thomas, Associate Director, EPPI-Centre, Social Science Research Unit, Institute of Education, London

I’ve shown two board members of our client company what our FoamTree-powered app does. Amazing what a good visualization can accomplish :-)

René de Vries, Managing Director at HowardsHome