Carrot Search Labs: useful pieces of code

We contribute a lot of our efforts to open source.
Our flagship open source project is Carrot2 , but we also share some smaller goodies. Please visit
Carrot Search Labs to grab them.

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Carrot2: framework for building document clustering engines

Carrot2 is a framework for building document clustering engines. Apart from two specialized document clustering algorithms, Carrot2 offers ready-to-use components for fetching search results from various sources such as public search engines. Lingo3G seamlessly integrates with Carrot2.

Randomized Testing

Randomized tests are a wildly successful way to show the cracks in your software. Also contains an Ant task (and Maven goal) to run JUnit4 tests in parallel. Recommendation: project used by Apache Lucene/ Solr!

HPPC: Hight Performance Primitive Collections for Java

Lists, Sets, Maps and other collections of primitives for Java tuned for highest performance and memory efficiency.

JUnitBenchmarks: Performance benchmarking for JUnit4

A set of extensions for turning your JUnit4 tests into performance micro-benchmarks with GC monitoring, time variance measurement and simple graphical visualizations.

SmartSprites: CSS Sprites Generator Done Right

SmartSprites maintains CSS sprites in your designs, fully automatically. No tedious copying and pasting to your CSS when adding or changing sprited images.

Easy to integrate, many tuning options, very fast and lightweight.

Stephan Schmid, CEO at Comcepta, Switzerland

Our evaluation found overwhelming support for using Lingo3G.

Dr James Thomas, Associate Director, EPPI-Centre, Social Science Research Unit, Institute of Education, London

I’ve shown two board members of our client company what our FoamTree-powered app does. Amazing what a good visualization can accomplish :-)

René de Vries, Managing Director at HowardsHome